Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Newsletter 08-22-12

Taste the Season
Preserve that farm fresh flavor in a jar so you can taste the Season past its peak. Get a preserving cookbook, or ask Master Food Preservers about pickling, preserving, fermenting, and even dehydrating too! You can also stop by Bautista Creek to find striped green zucchini pickles, heirloom sun dried tomatoes & specialty jams.

Peakaboo, I see new!
The Kadota Fig light, with a green color and delicate skin and flesh can be found at Nicholas Family Farms now. You’ll also find its darker counterpart, the Mission Fig snuggled up beside it. Both varieties are deep, dark wells of flavor that can be enjoyed tossed in salads made with red leaf romaine from Menos Farms, served with cheese from The Cheese shop in The Mix, and honeycomb from Bee Ladies Honey, with almonds from Hopkins AG.
Add did you know Bautista Creek has rainbow colored beans?

Guess who's back? 
Heinz from Around the World Herbs returns after a two week absence because of lost crops from the hot heat of Hemet. They and all our farmers are taking a hit due to the heat, with lost crops and wilted produce. Your purchase supports their livelihood, it makes a difference. We appreciate all you do for our farmers.

Anais+Raya feature farmers!
Come Farmers Market Feast with Anais+Raya as we feature SoCo and Newport Beach Farmers Market vendors, with a Community style, five course feast based on seasonal ingredients. Unpretentious, home cooked meals says the OC Weekly.

Will work for food? Come volunteer!
Spend the day volunteering at our farmers' stand for the day. You’ll be getting to know our farmers, learning about their produce, and helping them share their produce with your fellow shoppers. Or you can come volunteer at our kiddie corner and help host a fun activity. We will give you a bag of fresh fruits & veggies as our way of saying thank you. For more info, email us at

Let Us Lunchbox!
Back to school typically means the lunchbox laments as you try to keep your little one nourished. This Satur
day we will have print out's with some tricks of the trade, a lunchbox menu, shopping list, and a snack pack guide that’ll save even the hungriest bellies. The SoCo Farmers’ Market has got you covered Supermom.

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